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Wednesday, 9 July 2014


I rarely get involved on Twitter and I'm not active enough to bother usually. But yesterday, in the space of an hour, this happened. I have no problems in naming and shaming. And I while I hate using the word lol, it seemed to fit well in response to the brat who wished death upon Jews (not mentioned in this particular delightful exchange). She also couldn't answer much of the topic of argument and kept resorting back to the word 'pig' which will apparently win all of the arguments where she lives. And then continues to harass me after starting a separate argument, telling me to 'gtfo of her profile' (even though she started harassing me on a private message) and then kept on responding. I give you, the ramblings of the usual stuff many Jews and Israelis have to deal with on a regular basis: 

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  1. *sigh* Some people aren't worth engaging with, no matter what they say because they're incapable of rational discourse and have no manners.


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