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Monday, 1 September 2014

#MyVintedCloset introduction

The team at Vinted.co.uk has asked several of us vinties to do an autumn fashion and style blog post for the September #MyVintedCloset project and I happily agreed straight away. Now it is September and officially autumn, I'd better get started. Now you know how fond I am of dressing up and autumn is one of my favourite seasons to dress for. I will be splitting each section in separate posts with pictures of my items from my wardrobe. Most of my wardrobe is made of swaps but I will also be showing you bits and pieces that have been bought, mainly on sale or in charity shops.

For the newbies who are reading my blog for the first time, I must make you aware of the addictive quality of swapping. Swapping has changed my life since I discovered it nearly 10 years ago. Never having enough money and working several minimum wage jobs has made thrifting and scrimping so necessary. I owe my love of clothes half to Lookbook for opening my eyes to fashion and style and half to swapping, which has given me the means to explore all possible outfits. I go to swap events every month and swap on a few sites online. Vinted has been my most recent of ventures and so far, so brilliant. The thrill of swapping is the same as shopping and I could argue, even more because it is so economical. There is something exciting about a bargain, especially as you never know what you will end up with and can only get what will fit you which makes it extra fantastic.

Added to that, I admit, I'm spoiled. Reading all of these posts on websites like whowhatsowear makes me sigh. I don't want to pay £30 for something if I know I could find it in a swap essentially for free. The equivalent of £150 for a pair of jeans?! £30 for 1 plain white basic top? Madness. I go to 3 swaps a month and spend no more than £10 altogether for all 3 entrance fees (£5, £3, £2). That's a potential of endless items per swap (usually I get around 10-25) which makes a hefty amount of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. So little money, so much experimentation. Swapping online costs no more than £4 per package which still saves me several pounds if I had actually bought the item in the shop. And if you only wear an item twice, you’ve acquired it guilt free so throw it back in that swapping pile and start again. How much friendlier to your purse and the environment is that?

I have well and truly gotten out of the rat race of shopping on the high street with a rare exception of an occasional sale item every few months and anything rare or not available in the shops, to be found online. It’s reduced my urge to shop and honed my scavenging skills. It’s also a ridiculously inexpensive hobby. If shopping can be a hobby, so can swapping.

Intro over, next post will be up tomorrow!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Pearly polish

My latest love through the summer is pearly nail polish and it won't fade anytime soon. This year I had a strange interest in pastels and have narrowed it down to shimmery tones. Block pastels are too candy cute for me but the ethereal shades prove to be my downfall. Yesterday I went to the Natural Collections stall to replace the empty bottle of champagne and ended up picking out topaz, winter moon and black cherry as well which isn't a pearly shade but one of my favourite dark ruby colours that I've been wearing on my nails for years. For £1.99 each, they need to be applied in 2 coats but they dry fast, are gorgeously shimmery and provide the perfect base for stamping designs on. With winter approaching, I think these will be the perfect splash of colour to those grey days

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

More food porn

Bank holiday food porn. Only a fraction of snacks and drinks Steph and I consumed over the weekend holed up on the sofa in front of the TV. There were noodles and crackers and peanut butter mochi but that was all eaten 

My next bubble tea tasting, caramel milk tea with coffee jelly. Like those caramel lattes from Starbucks but so much better

Oolong rose tea from China Town

Bank holiday breakfast. Lychees and cheesecake doesn't go together, said no one ever. Probably because most people wouldn't think of eating them together. Their loss

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Swap Sunday

On Sunday I went to a swap. Of all the things I got, only a few stood out:

Yet another pretty floral dress

These creepy dolly kawaii boots

Kitty shoes

Monday, 25 August 2014


It's that time of year (or rather global warming has bumped it up a bit) where I go across the road to the park and pillage the meadow for blackberries to fling into some shop bought puff pastry to be baked and then drowned in cream for autumn pastries. You can hear the nomnomnom sounds I'll be making already

EDIT: So I couldn't find puff pastry so I bought a flan case

Poured hot raspberry jam in


And topped with blackberries. Good enough

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Friday, 22 August 2014

In the doom and gloom comes a light

I was going to post some pretty pictures today. But being very recently completely unemployed has cast me to the depths of despair. It's so easy to feel worthless when comparing your life to someone else's 1 second snapshot on social media. I'm still trying to find my way. I've been very down but for making Shabbat dinner tonight, I might have stayed there. Having come back from hospital with more illness, my mum couldn't make it off the sofa to make dinner. I made dinner for the last couple of Friday nights and today she bestowed a compliment on me. I can't write Arabic but upon seeing all of the food, (my first time making baba ghanoush) she exclaimed 'Asheseduk!' Which means 'Bless your hands that made the meal.' A couple of weeks ago, a Shabbat message popped in my emails which ties in with today in some way. Read it here. I am trying to live it more in my interaction with other people and in the midst all of these troubles, my mum showed me that kind word which turned my evening around and lightened my heart

(Garbo knows how to solve those depressive problems. L'chaim!)

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Changing seasons

I have a love/hate relationship with summer. I don't like dressing for summer, I'm not a bare legs and shorts person at all, I much prefer wearing tights with everything. But I do like waking up to sun and light which makes it easier to get up and I love long light warm summer evenings where you can do whatever you like and not notice the time. Winter is too cold and bleak, summer is too hot and tiring. But I don't want to let go of summer just yet, we don't have enough of it here. It seems ironic that winter days are short but the season feels like it lasts forever. Why must be have such extremes? Can we not just have autumn and spring all year round? Dammit seasons