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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Moomin goodies

Stopped off at the Moomin shop in Covent Garden recently and couldn't resist this Moominpapa t-shirt and coaster


This weekend I indulged in 2 swaps and overloaded on the clothes front as usual. No regrets. Here is my stash:

A burnt peach dress. Not my usual colour but it's a sweet little garment

A black and white patterned midi dress

A wonderful red jacket

Again, not my usual style but it;s nice to have some floaty sleeves for a change

Another Chinese silk dress. Who is throwing all of these away? I've got 2 now

A sheer sleeved velvet top. It's interesting

Dungarees. Completing my jumpsuit wants

A garishly patterned pencil skirt. It looks quite fun

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Raw dessert

There's a vegan cafe in Camden Town that I'd never gone into all these years until recently. Steph and I ventured to share a raw dessert, which was interesting. Raw hazelnut torte was a tiny bit dry but very dense and filling and it did interest me to know that it is quite delicious. But kombucha is beyond disgusting

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Indian summer

Will we be getting one of those? On and off we do, interspersed with showers of course. This is England. But this song is calling to me, in shades of sepia and flashes of orange and green

Sunday, 20 July 2014


My pretty purchase from Retromania yesterday, decade unknown, £10

Friday, 18 July 2014

Postcard from Vienna

Christina and Claire sent me a postcard from Vienna (to remind me of the fun I missed out on no doubt) <3

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Coke advert

Alas poor Yorick, I knew him well.
He drank some coke from the wishing well.
He groaned, he griped, he surely went mad.
In spite of his efforts, ended up in the polar bear ad

*My spontaneous poetry upon seeing this advert for Coca Cola*

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Collectif crazy

For the last couple of days, Collectif has been hosting a sample sale in Camden. Having never been to one of those and liking their stuff, of course I dashed there after work yesterday and even in the afternoon today. I saw the agarve skirt in purple (which I had originally wanted that was sold out by the time I could order it so I got the pink one instead). For £15 instead of £40, who am I to say no to that? Then today I dropped in after going elsewhere and debated over this cowgirl playsuit. It was calling to me but it wasn't really my style. I dithered for a long while but eventually the salesgirl convinced me. So for £10, this garment came home with me too. Plus I got this lovely little shopping bag. Of course I wanted to get a selection of dresses too but I was a good girl and restrained myself to only 2 items. Next time though... I need to find more sample sales!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

New stuff

So I got some new stuff as you might have guessed. A burgundy jumpsuit in the Sunday market in Belgium for 15 euros, a cute purse swapped online and the loveliest pale yellow petticoated dress which was exactly what I wanted and had been looking for, for a couple of years. it's Jane Norman which is rather surprising for a high street brand but I love it. All for the price of a parcel. Bargain