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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Crossover kind of day

Geertje and I's Whatsapp conversation yesterday on the way to work. Who can guess which screen favourites that we are referencing? 

Her: Wind's in the East, mist's coming in...

Me: Like something is brewing and about to begin...

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Random day

Had a bit of a lazy afternoon yesterday roasting marshmallows over a candle and watching the Moomins

This morning I got the Vivien and Holloway dress I'd saved up Vinted credit for a month to buy! The halterneck is a bit big but I can tie it back as otherwise, it is simply a perfect fit

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Flower clip

I got these cute flower clip on earrings in the swap on Saturday just for decoration and have finally decided how to wear them

Clip them onto jackets. I only wish they were bigger

My latest swap finds, dresses in cool colours for a change

More ankle boots, can never have too many pairs of those

Topshop shoes

Liza came to London and we had bubble tea, Chinese food and swap sessions. Just my kind of a weekend

Oolong milk tea with lychee popping bubble

Found a vegan cupcake shop in Brixton. Sadly no pictures of the cupcakes but they were delicious

Red plum juice green tea with passionfruit popping bubble 

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Look away if you hate spiders

I spend a bit of time observing spiders. They interest me. When I see one in the house I usually pick it up in a tissue and send it on its way outside. What I don't like is when they move really quickly so this video is fine because he's not scuttling anywhere. Every time I see a spider, this is now the voice they will all have. Put away your spider prejudice, this is truly hilarious 

Thursday, 11 September 2014


Can someone get me this glorious cat for my birthday please?

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Collectif event

On Sunday night I dragged Faye to the 100 dresses event that Collectif were holding in Camden. We received a free dress to go with the ticket so I got the Jemima doll dress and paired it with red tights and platforms

Monday, 8 September 2014

Personality and character

Having recently re-immersed myself in all things Wicked once again after a long hiatus, I can't help noticing while the difference in personality between Elphaba and Glinda are worlds away, their characters are much more similar than I first thought. Obviously Glinda is much more vacant and Elphaba is all prickles. But at the heart of their character lies a steel core.
In the musical both decide which course they will take and pursue it until they are trapped into a point of no return. Glinda can't change her mind and go against the mould she stepped into or it's social suicide and her life won't be worth living, either in prison or under house arrest. Her fall from grace will be dramatic and will cost her everything. She sacrifices a lot to get to where she is and shows that she will push others under a bus if needs be. She does acknowledge it later, admitting only to herself that she's lost a few things and didn't know that would be the consequence of her actions.
Elphaba is much the same, burning her bridges with everyone until she sets upon her path of destruction and from then on, can either carry on the way she is or be caught and be killed. What makes her slightly different however is the capacity to care about others. She loves only 2 people in her life, Nessarose and Fiyero. Both die before her and she doesn't have it in her to care about her son very much. Glinda hasn't had an opportunity to love anyone that way, her family is not mentioned and her husband seems to mean little to her so she seems a little colder in that respect. Elphaba has become bitter over having unexpectedly loved and lost while Glinda has barely had the chance to start.
While they go in different directions, they end up doing much the same thing, keeping up appearances and getting deeper into the web they have created for themselves until nothing but death will release them from it, at least physically. Their reputation will still stand.
Both are very stubborn, strong willed, have a ruthless streak and are slightly self absorbed. They both can't shake off the public perception of them and if they try, they are condemned. In that way, they share elements of character while having completely different personalities